Är klassisk liberalism demokratisk?

June 9, 2022

Is Classic Liberalism anti-Democratic?

In this year's debate between Helena Rosenblatt and Dan Klein continues the discussion on the interpretation of and meaning of classical liberalism. Helena will introduce with a talk based on her Rousseau studies and relate to other classical liberals such as Tocqueville, Dan will present an alternative or complementary view and a discussion will follow.

A previous epiode with a debate between Klein and Rosenblatt is recorded in the episode "Om frihet" on this podcast. 

Professor Helena Rosenblatt, recent recipient of a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, teaches in the PhD Programs in History, French, and Politicial Science, and the MA Program in Liberal Studies at the Graduate Center. She is also a faculty member of the M.A. Program in Biography and Memoir.

Daniel Klein is a Professor of Economics and JIN Chair at the Mercatus Center, George Mason University. He leads the Smithian Political Economy program at GMU Economics. He is the chief editor of Econ Journal Watch. He holds degrees from George Mason University and New York University, where in both cases he studied the classical liberal traditions of economics. His teaching focuses on economic principles and public policy issues.